Baptiste DumasUser interface designer


My name is Baptiste Dumas.
I'm a User Interface Designer crafting anything that has an interface. From web and mobile experiences to connected objects.
Born in 1989, I’m from Toulouse, France.



Discover music together.

Broadn is your new place to explore, discuss,
and share music with people.

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Louis Vuitton

What is a journey?

As one of the historical clients of Ogilvy & Mather, here are various projects for Louis Vuitton which I have worked on for the past two years.

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Moët Hennessy

The wine at its finest.

Moët Hennessy, owned by the LVMH Group, offers a range of spirits and wines. We were pitched at OgilvyOne to rethink their digital identity and to create a unique e-commerce platform.

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Play & Connect.

Babolat Play is the very first connected racket that allows every player to live a unique experience based on progression, fun and sharing.

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Oocasting, by Ooshot.

The easiest way to work with photographers. The app offers a set of services that allows photographers to quickly access and share books with their professional circle or friends.

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Tales of Barnabé

Hot Pursuit.

Tales of Barnabé is a motion conceived at Gobelins weekly workshops dedicated to stop-motion animation.

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Ogilvy RED

Strategy & Business.

OgilvyRED Conseil supports decision makers in the articulation of their strategy to make it understandable and motivating, both internally and externally.

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Discover CRMA from the inside.

Treize aims to promote our course at Gobelins, bringing together the work undertaken by students, as well as practical information training and school.

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Mars vs Earth

Mars vs. Earth

Our motion, presented as interactive news in a newspaper, assesses the situation of a conflict between Earthling forces and rebel Martians.

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